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Our Publications & Tools

Our publications and tools include articles, checklists and forms, presentations, survey reports and white papers. Research projects involve special investigations for client companies and for the general advancement of engineering, manufacturing, and distribution. We trust that some of these items will be useful to your improvement teams. Please see the lists below.


Below is a list of articles and papers by our associates. We can provide up to three reprints at no charge. For larger quantities, please contact the publisher. If you have questions, please contact us.

  1. “The Last Word On Supply Chain Improvement” Brian J. Savoie, IE Solutions, May 1998, Institute of Industrial Engineers. For copies, contact IIE.
  2. “EDM/PDM and ERP (Part 1)” Brian Savoie, The Engineering Data Management Newsletter, January 1997. For copies, contact the editor, Mr. John Stark.
  3. “EDM/PDM and ERP (Part 2)” Brian Savoie, The Engineering Data Management Newsletter, February 1997. For copies, contact the editor, Mr. John Stark.
  4. “EDM/PDM and ERP (Part 3)” Brian Savoie, The Engineering Data Management Newsletter, March 1997. For copies, contact the editor, Mr. John Stark.
  5. “Take a Flexible Approach: Combine Project Management and Business Principles” Thomas J. Reeder, IE Solutions, 1995, Institute of Industrial Engineers. For copies, contact IIE.
  6. “Building a Foundation for Successful Business Process Reengineering: 10 Pointers for Your Steering Committee.” H. Lee Hales and Brian J. Savoie, IE Solutions, 1992, Institute of Industrial Engineers. For copies, contact IIE.
  7. “Focused Electronics Factory: A Project Overview.” Tammy Hickman, Gregory McCall, Charles Potts and Brian Savoie, Allied-Signal Aerospace Company Kansas City Division, 1991. For copies, contact the National Technical Information Service, part of the Department of Commerce.


Download Checklists and Forms

We develop checklists to help teams brainstorm potential improvements and focus their efforts. Each list identifies 50 – 100 potential tactics.

To download an HPC Improvement Checklist in .pdf format, please complete the information below to register.

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Below is a representative list of presentations by our associates. To receive a copy or to have us present one of these topics at your company or meeting, please contact us.

  1. Managing Engineering Data – A Holistic Approach
  2. Streamlining the Product Development Process
  3. Integrating Engineering Data Management (EDM) and Product Data Management (PDM) with Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) Systems
  4. Best Practices in Materials Management for Maintenance Operations
  5. The Synergy of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Total Quality Management (TQM)
  6. 12 Factors for Successful (Information) Systems Implementation
  7. Implementing Complex Systems
  8. Getting Started in Business Process Reengineering
  9. The People Side of Business Process Reengineering
  10. 12 Criteria for Software Vendor Selection


Survey Reports and White Papers

Key Technologies, Concepts & Standards for Supply Chain Systems & Integration
High Performance Concepts, Inc. July, 2001. 15 pages. (216K)

This paper summarizes 24 topics that you need to understand in order to link your company’s systems to those of your customers and suppliers. Written in simple language, this synopsis takes the mystery out of terms such as client/server, scalability, virtual private network, bandwidth, Java, and Secure Sockets Layer and XML. Questions? Please contact us.

Critical Practices in Business Process Reengineering and Process Improvement: Perspectives from the Front Lines High Performance Concepts, Inc. June, 1995. 52 pages. (358K)

This survey report compares the performance of nearly 70 companies on 20 practices critical to the success of reengineering and process improvement efforts. Our analysis identifies key practices associated with improved business results. We also provide information about which processes are being reengineered as well as the problems companies are experiencing. The practices surveyed are based upon our experience in reengineering business processes. Questions? Please contact us.

Benchmarking: World Class Facilities Management
Richard Muther and Associates, 1992, 40 pages.

This survey compared the performance of nearly 200 North American organizations on 10 facilities management practices, from strategic planning to computer support for maintenance. Our analysis identified several best practices shared by top performers. The list of practices used was based upon our experience as facilities planning consultants. While this report is 10 years old, it may provide some interesting perspectives. If you have questions or would like to receive a copy, please contact us.

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