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An Old Chinese Proverb…

“If you want a crop for one year, grow grain.
If you want a crop for ten years, grow a tree.
If you want a crop for one hundred years, grow people.”

We offer a variety of educational work courses at client sites and through leading universities and industry associations throughout the world. Each is based upon one or more of our systematic, step-by-step planning methods.

Our recent sponsors include the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Management Roundtable, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Strategic Research Institute, Motorola University, Georgia Institute of Technology, George Washington University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Kansas and the National University of Singapore. For a more complete list of public sponsors, please see our clients and industries served.

We offer formal certification in several of our most popular techniques. Certified and qualified instructors may license our training materials for in-company use. Our associates are also experienced in executive education, benchmarking, and study missions – all designed to help our clients effectively use advanced business practices and information systems.

Course Categories

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Delivered by High Performance Concepts, Inc. Delivered by Richard Muther & Associates
Supply Chain Improvement Facilities Planning 
Business Process Reengineering Layout and Space Planning
Information Systems Material Handling
Project, Program & Change Management Operations Improvement
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