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Services in Project Management and Program Management

Today many companies have more improvement efforts than they can possibly support with their given personnel and funds.  We help our clients to reach their improvement goals through effective Project Management and Program Management during times of major change.  This means a clear linkage to business strategy, agreed priorities, and an unrelenting focus on the fundamentals of scope, schedule and resources. 

We also help them to improve individual, group and company-wide capabilities in these areas.  Most often, we do this as part of process reengineering, systems integration, or operations improvement efforts.  Our services are based on our associates’ extensive experience in planning and implementing many kinds of improvements in a wide range of industries, business life cycles, and organizational cultures.

Our work is independent and unbiased.  We do not sell or resell project management software.  We freely share our methodology in the course of our assignments.  Our role is to help our clients focus their resources on the high-priority improvements and to build the internal capability to meet their future project and program management needs.  We can work at all levels of your organization and in all phases of change – from assessment through implementation.  Our services are as follows:

  • Strategic Planning: Documentation and clarification of corporate strategies and business unit plans.  Definition of issues and opportunities.  Identification and prioritization of improvement projects, including stopping duplicate projects or those having little benefit.
  • Documentation and Assessment of Current Projects and Programs:  An independent, accurate and consistent documentation of current projects and improvement efforts.  Collection and analysis of information from project managers, team members, finance, and review of work completed.  Assessment of each project and program.
  • Assessment of Project Management and Program Management practices: Understanding and assessment of current practices in project and program planning, initiation, mobilization, execution, measurement, reporting and closeout.  Understanding and documentation of issues and problems.  Identification and prioritization of improvement needs and opportunities.
  • Design Future Processes, Roles, Information Systems and Metrics: Decisions and plans on how to best fill the gaps in Project Management and Program Management processes, roles, information systems and metrics.  Definition of requirements.  Identification of alternatives for evaluation against costs, benefits and intangibles.  Selection of a preferred alternative.  Definition of “who, what, when, where, why and how” for the process.  Definition of required reports.  
  • Resource Planning and Justification: Establishing the costs and benefits of each proposed project and the supporting project/program management practices.
  • Software Functional Specification and Selections: Definition of system function and data requirements to support project and program management.  Preparation of written specifications, data definitions, and feature-function checklists to guide packaged software selection and integration work.
  • Communication: Planning and execution of communications to maximize success and minimize risk through the involvement of all key stakeholders.  Plans include stakeholder, objective, message, medium, timing, and responsibility.
  • Performance Measurement: Definition and implementation of appropriate measurements for projects and programs.  Includes creation of performance baselines and measurement of on-going progress.
  • Implementation Planning: To bring about change, one must determine who will change, what will change, and when, where, why and how the change will occur.  Plan includes testing, training and implementation of all changes.
  • Project Management: Coordination of all of the above as well as assistance in coordinating company, supplier and consultant resources during implementation.  Manage the project to assure high-quality results – on time and within budget.
  • Program Management and Integration with Other Changes: Linking and coordinating improvement projects.  Coordination of people/organizational improvements with changes in processes, information systems, and technology.  Integrating the project/program management effort with ongoing programs of continuous improvement, empowerment, total quality management, …
  • Education: On-site courses including: Leading Transformation, The People Side of Change, Facilitation, Conflict Management, and Planning and Implementing Change. More information

Please see our list of Typical Projects to learn how we have helped our clients.

When needed, we can provide Project Management and Program Management services together with one or more of our other services.   For information on our other consulting services, see the following:

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