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We help our clients to improve individual, group and company-wide capabilities

Most often, we do this as part of reengineering, systems integration, or operations improvement efforts. Our services are based on our associates’ extensive experience in assessing and developing skills, culture, and organizations. Their experience as managers and consultants spans a wide range of industries, business life cycles, and organizational cultures. Members of our firm have been involved in organizational change efforts in some of the world’s most progressive companies and countries, as well as in situations where political, social and organization changes were long overdue. A number of leading companies have used our methods to improve organizational capability and to plan and implement change.

All assessment and design work is independent and unbiased. We do not sell or resell organizational design tools or tests. We freely share our methodology in the course of our assignments. Our role is to help our clients to build and develop the organizational capabilities to best meet their needs.

We can work at all levels of your organization and in all phases of change — from awareness and motivation, through implementation of new organizations, roles and reward systems. We maintain research files on leading organizational and human resources practices. In addition, we maintain a network of business and technical specialists for in-depth assistance on more complex organizational development challenges. Our services are as follows:

  • Strategic Planning: Documentation and clarification of corporate strategies and business unit plans. Definition of their relationship to skill, capacity and organization issues and opportunities. Decision analysis: insource or outsource; how much improvement is needed; what skills or personnel need the most improvement; need to hire or develop internal personnel; training plans, etc.
  • Skill Assessment: Identification of skills required for an organization to meet its objectives. Analysis of individual and group business and functional skills. Decisions and plans on how to best fill the gaps in required skills.
  • Cultural Assessment: Description of individual, group, and organizational tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Organizational Assessment and Design: Assessment of organizational effectiveness, complexity, gaps, overlaps, surpluses and shortages. Define staffing complement, roles, responsibilities, and performance measures.
  • Communication: Planning and execution of communications to maximize success and minimize risk through the involvement of all key stakeholders. Plans include stakeholder, objective, message, medium, timing, and responsibility for critical communications.
  • Performance Measurement: Definition and implementation of appropriate measurements of business results and process operational effectiveness. Includes creation of performance baselines and measurement of on-going progress.
  • Implementation Planning: To bring about change, one must determine who will change, what will change, and when, where, why and how the change will occur.
  • Project Management: Coordination of all of the above as well as assistance in coordinating company, supplier and consultant resources during implementation.
  • Program Management and Integration with Other Changes: Linking and coordinating improvement projects. Coordination of people/organizational improvements with changes in processes, information systems, and technology. Integrating the reengineering effort with ongoing programs of continuous improvement, empowerment, total quality management, …
  • Education: On-site courses including: Leading Transformation, The People Side of Change, Facilitation, Conflict Management, and Planning and Implementing Change. More information

Please see our list of Typical Projects to learn how we have helped our clients.

When needed, Organizational Improvement and Change Management may be delivered together with one or more of our other services. For information on our other consulting services, see the following:

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