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We help our clients succeed in critical, complex operational improvements.

We help our clients succeed in critical, complex operational improvements — Some of which easily overwhelm less experienced consultants or more basic improvement methodologies. Our research indicates that many companies struggle when faced with complex change — simultaneous change along multiple dimensions, such as: strategies, processes, organizations, information systems, facilities and performance measures. We call this Multidimensional Improvementsm. MAXiT – MDI is our powerful methodology to help manage such challenges. If your problems are anything like the ones below, MAXiT-MDI may be just what you need.

  • You are struggling to make major improvements in several business processes.
  • Priorities are unclear for improvements needed in a major business area, such as product development or the supply chain.
  • You have chosen a software package but now need to design detailed package-specific processes and procedures.
  • The company wants to select engineering, manufacturing or distribution software while simultaneously designing a new facility or new processes.
  • Multiple plants need to select common ERP software, while also changing plant layouts, and production and business processes.
  • Your improvement efforts take too long.
  • Management is dissatisfied with the bottom-line results of your improvements.
  • Process improvements are constrained by poor information systems or facilities.
  • Leaders of improvement efforts do not know what ideas or methods to apply.

We have developed our suite of improvement methodologies through experience in over 1,000 projects in 30 countries. Also, our applied research in operations improvement helps us focus on the factors and methods that are critical to the speed, impact and ultimate success of strategic improvements. Thus, our consultants can tailor an approach for your complex project by combining appropriate phases, deliverables, tools and techniques from our methodologies. This is the concept behind MAXiT-MDI.

We work at all levels of your organization and we contribute to all stages of your improvement process. Our services include assessment, planning, design and implementation of improved business processes, organizations, information systems, facilities and performance measures. All of our work is independent and unbiased. Our methodology is freely shared in the course of our assignments. We do not sell or resell software, hardware or organizational assessment tools. Our role is to help our clients analyze and make significant improvements in their business operations.

MAXiT-MDI combines our other methods as needed. Thus, our list of MDI services reflects all of the major services we offer, including the following:

  • Strategic Planning: Documentation of corporate strategies and business unit plans. Clarification of their relationship to issues and opportunities in critical business processes, systems, organizations and facilities. Decision `analysis: focus or mission; how much improvement is needed; what needs the most improvement; etc.
  • Orientation of Teams and Projects: Identification of critical issues and forces. Developing project scope and objectives. Orienting senior management and gaining their commitment. Developing project teams and work plans. Training the project team in specific analytical techniques.
  • Process, Information and Organization Modeling: Process, information, and organization models, using a variety of information engineering, industrial engineering and organizational development methods. Training of project teams in modeling techniques. Special attention to cross-functional business processes and “the extended enterprise” of subcontractors, customers, suppliers, and other trading partners.
  • Opportunity Identification: Relationships among customer needs and business objectives, processes, products and services. Brainstorming sessions. Benchmarking. Data gathering. Issues identification. Prioritization of improvement opportunities. Examination of major process, organizational, information and facility alternatives.
  • Solution Design: Requirements definition for process, people/organization, information systems, facilities and performance measures. Identification, evaluation and integration of solutions. Selection of preferred alternatives. In doing this work, we draw from the following services:
    • Business Process Reengineering and Industrial Process Improvement: Improving business processes ranging from product development and engineering to supplier management and sales and distribution. Assessing, designing and implementing processes. More information
    • Organizational Improvement and Change Management: Improving individual, group and organizational capabilities. Assessing and developing skills, culture, and organizations. Communication planning. Change management training. More information
    • Information Systems Integration: Assessment, planning, design and implementation of the information infrastructure to support rengineered business processes. Development of standards. Integration of systems across functions and locations, including the extended enterprise. More information
    • Facilities Planning and Operations Improvement: Establishing plans and responses to radical restructuring and reengineering. Site locations, mission statements, logistics and real estate strategy, if required. Plant, warehouse, office or lab layout. More information
    • Performance Measurement and Targeting: Definition and implementation of appropriate measurements of business results and process operational effectiveness. Includes creation of performance baselines and measurement of on-going progress. More information
  • Resource Planning and Justification: Establishing the costs and benefits of specific improvement proposals.
  • Implementation Planning: To bring about change, one must determine who will change, what will change, and when, where, why and how the change will occur.
  • Project Management: Coordination of all of the above as well as assistance in coordinating company, supplier and consultant resources during implementation.
  • Program Management and Integration with Other Changes: Linking and coordinating improvement projects. Coordination of process improvements with changes in people/organization, information systems, and technology. Integrating the reengineering effort with ongoing programs of continuous improvement, empowerment, total quality management …

Please see our list of Typical Projects to learn how we have helped our clients.


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