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Through our proprietary methods, we guide client teams to plan and implement improvements in record time

Over the course of an assignment, clients master our approach and learn to guide their own projects in the future. We offer highly flexible working arrangements that reflect our commitment to helping our clients help themselves. Common approaches to projects include:

  • One-on-one. Our consultant works with a full-time or part-time client analyst or planner. This has the advantage of on-the-project training, and prepares a member of our client’s staff to see the project through, with understanding of the reasons behind our recommendations.
  • Team facilitators and analysts. Our client provides team members, some analysts and a project manager. Our consultants assist the project manager, facilitate the client team(s) and do much of the analysis needed. In essence, we create a partnership with the client team(s). Large projects are completed sooner, more members of our client’s staff get learning exposure, and individuals from more than one area of the company can participate.
  • Team advisor. Our consultant acts as a group advisor to the client project team at key review points. He guides and audits the work being done.
  • Team training. Our client establishes a project in his customary way. Our consultant trains and guides client staff in analysis and planning. Our assistance is centered on an on-site training program, with immediate application of our techniques to a current or pressing program.

We assure the quality of our services in three ways. First, we provide only highly qualified associates. Second, we base our service delivery on proven, systematic, and transferable methods. Third, on each assignment of more than 20 days, we employ an internal advisor for peer review and added creative input.

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