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We offer a full range of services in facilities planning and the improvement of physical operations

These are delivered through Richard Muther & Associates, a division of High Performance Concepts, Inc.

Founded in 1956, Richard Muther & Associates has an international reputation in the broad field of industrial management and engineering. Our systematic planning methods are widely known and used throughout the world. Our associates are recognized authorities in facilities planning and have completed more than 1000 assignments.

We assist at all levels of physical planning and operations, from site location and logistical networks to workplace design and layout.

All equipment and systems specification is independent and unbiased. We sell or resell no machinery, equipment, software or hardware. Our role is to help our clients acquire and build the best facilities and systems for their needs.

A partial list of services appears below. For more information and summaries of typical projects, please visit Richard Muther & Associates.

  • Long-Range Planning and Facilities Strategy: To insure that corporate facilities support real estate and logistics strategies and business unit plans. Network and location analysis: number of sites, size, and focus or mission. Decision analysis: stay or move; open or close; modernize or build new; buy or lease; outsourcing. Long-range projections of space and capacity required.
  • Distribution Planning: Supply chain and network analysis to ensure that warehouse and distribution facilities are properly located and assigned. Decision analysis: stay or move; open or close; number of locations, size and purpose.
  • Location and Site Selection: Master site planning. Material handling analysis. Layout planning. Building programming and guidance to the architectural design team. Short and long term space requirements, based upon forecasts, historical usage patterns, and projected changes in sourcing, inventory management, operating practices, product and process technology.
  • Lean & Cellular Manufacturing: Flow time and cost reductions through manufacturing cells. Coupling of multiple cells to achieve lean and continuous flow. Improvements and procedural changes in set-up, scheduling, supervision, housekeeping, maintenance, and cost accounting. Definition and planning of cells for fabrication, machining and assembly.
  • Manufacturing Plant Layout: Space estimates and optimal placement of activities, machinery and equipment. Evaluation of flow patterns: straight-through, U-shaped, L-shaped, comb or spine. Evaluation of conceptual factory arrangements: by product, by process, by fixed position, and in manufacturing cells… Optimal storage groupings and zoning for warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Material Handling Analysis: Effective use of conventional and automated equipment. Assistance in evaluating and selecting all types of handling systems and equipment.
  • Inbound Logistics Systems: Engineering of just-in-time delivery systems from external suppliers to points of use in work cells and production lines. Planning for transportation, third-party logistics, and returnable container systems.
  • Warehouse Layout Planning: Effective layouts, optimal handling patterns and storage plans. Short-and long-range sizing of individual areas: racks, shelving, automated systems, docks, staging, offices and support.
  • Warehouse Methods Planning: To achieve the highest productivity in order picking, stock replenishment, packing, shipping, receiving, inspection, and administrative support.
  • Office, Lab, and Tech Center Planning: Beginning with estimates of space required. Establishment of space and furniture standards. Layout studies for campus sites and multi-story buildings. Sizing and design concepts for new office, lab, and tech center buildings.
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