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  • A fabricator of steel tanks was relocating to a new site from its century-old facilities. We helped plan and evaluate alternative layouts, incorporating new manufacturing methods.
  • A rapidly growing publisher and distributor of audio and videotapes had outgrown its facilities. We planned the layout for a new location that includes offices, warehouse, and studio space.
  • A leading automobile company was constructing its first parts plant in China. We led a team of Chinese and American planners in laying out the building and planning the individual work cells within it. This client has also retained us to help with plant layouts in Thailand, India, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • A leading truck manufacturer needed to double its output in Mexico. We helped size and plan the expansion on a large, multi-building site. This client has been retaining our advice on major capital projects since 1959.
  • A rapidly growing manufacturer of high-tech medical equipment was running out of space. We identified space-savings and productivity improvements that allowed them to stay at their current site. We also estimated future space requirements tied to new product introductions.
  • A manufacturer of truck parts was running out of space and expansion was not an option. We showed them how to recover more than 20% of their floor space through better operating methods and layout.
  • An automotive parts plant needed to introduce several new vehicle programs, without disrupting current production. Machinery was highly fixed and supported by extensive and costly utilities. We helped prepare a multi-year rearrangement plan, phasing out old programs while phasing new ones in.
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