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  • For a leading manufacturer of trucks, we reengineered every step from supplier to point of use on final assembly lines. Scope included: outsourcing, transportation system design, schedule sharing, electronic kanbans, EDI, RF, bar coding, returnable containers, and line-feeding methods. Results: inventory turnover tripled; floor space saved; hours per truck reduced.
  • For a 3rd party logistics provider, we determined the payback on returnable containers for moving lettuce between California and salad plants in the eastern United States.
  • For a global automotive parts manufacturer, we determined the containers, dunnage, and staging needed to maintain and buffer the flow between plants in Spain, Germany, and China, including their differences in shop calendars, shifts, holidays and shutdowns.
  • For a publisher and distributor of audio and videotapes, we reengineered the supply of outsourced products and packaging. Scope included: vendor certification, releasing, lot sizing, containerization, labeling, receiving, sampled inspection, and warehousing.
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