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  • A large grower of fresh produce was seeking cost reduction in its 3000 pallet-per-day operations. Increased case picking was interfering with traditional full-pallet operations. We identified ways to lower cost per pallet while increasing case picking capacity.
  • For the service parts arm of a heavy equipment manufacturer, we identified over 40 improvements to boost productivity by 50%.
  • The world’s largest maker of disposable syringes and needles was considering a costly warehouse expansion. We identified operational and procedural improvements that eliminated the need for additional space.
  • Inefficient warehousing delayed highly paid maintenance workers at a power company’s plants. We guided a multi-site team through a continuous improvement program. Scope included: procedures, paperwork, physical arrangement, and materials management policies.
  • A distributor needed lower its cost of serving “big box” retailers. We planned a process that reduced picker travel by up to 90%, with no increase in replenishment trips.
  • A chemical company improved its physical methods but still wanted more picker productivity. We identified the necessary improvements in order releasing, cut-off times, and information systems.
  • A rapidly growing processor of ready-to-eat salad wanted to case pick from pallet flow and pushback rack. We analyzed inventory levels, pick and replenishment rates, and ergonomics to arrive at the proper mix of racks, lane depths, and configurations. Result: record-breaking throughput.
  • A leading cell phone manufacturer was planning a new facility for two major products and six classes of material. We evaluated zoning and order-picking alternatives for each product-class and identified the most productive methods.
  • A publisher of video and audio tapes had outgrown its shelf-picking method. We planned a system of flow racks, bulk bins, and specially configured picking carts. Results: record picking volumes with no increase in staff.
  • An airline needed to cut the picking time on emergency service parts. We analyzed usage and improved zoning and slotting, saving valuable minutes when aircraft are on the ground.
  • A greeting card company was experiencing errors on its picking line. We evaluated root causes and identified corrective actions.
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