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  • A refiner of highly flammable packaged chemicals was running out of warehouse space but could not expand. Through better layout and storage methods we found ways to recover floor space and reduce travel by 55% on its most popular product line.
  • A large grower of fresh produce was out of cooler space in both of its distribution centers. We evaluated space-saving storage methods and options for building expansion.
  • A rapidly growing processor of ready-to-eat salad was building a new warehouse but had fallen behind on layout and equipment decisions. In 30 days we determined rack types and configurations, prepared detailed layouts, and specified handling equipment.
  • A retail distributor needed a new facility for e-commerce and customer direct fulfillment. We helped establish target stock levels, storage and handling methods, and detailed layouts.
  • The world’s largest manufacturer of cell phones was relocating to a new manufacturing site. We planned the receiving, raw materials storage, and line feeding operations.
  • The service parts warehouse of a major airline needed to improve its storage and handling of fleet modification kits. We planned a new layout with new equipment and improved systems for inventory control.
  • A power company had neglected its maintenance warehouses for many years. We planned the modernization of 7 facilities, including new layouts, storage and handling equipment.
  • A leading developer of distribution centers retained us to keep abreast of the latest operational trends. We advised on trends in logistics and e-commerce and their implications for facility design.
  • A manufacturer of air conditioners was building a large new facility for finished goods and service parts distribution. We reviewed the mix of storage rack and floor stacking and prepared detailed layout plans.
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