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  • An automotive parts maker was expanding its technical center in Mexico. Five product divisions were expanding from a shared multi-story complex into a newly acquired plant next door. We determined space requirements and identified alternative assignments of offices, test labs, and prototype production. Labs included highly fixed machinery, specialized chambers, and intensive supporting utilities.
  • A maker of semiconductor manufacturing gear was expanding its offices and labs. We helped plan the layout of 30 administrative areas and labs in a new two-story building.
  • A big three automotive company wanted to relocate its world headquarters, research, and vehicle development to more efficient facilities. Working on a secret basis, we surveyed more than 80 existing buildings and then conceptualized the size and arrangement of their relocated activities. The completed facility is an industry landmark.
  • A well-known glassmaker was planning a now famous research facility. Layout disagreements halted construction and required penalty payments to the contractor. We helped resolve conflicts among lab managers and technicians allowing construction to resume.
  • A pharmaceutical company was expanding its offices and labs on a large campus site. We prepared a long-range facilities plan and assisted with individual layout projects.
  • One of the world’s largest banks was reengineering its real estate management practices. We advised on the development of a corporate facilities plan, tied to business plans and capital budgets.
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