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  • A leading silkscreen printer acquired a large site for long-term growth. We reviewed growth rates and site capacity, and advised our client to secure additional land – before development could drive up its price. We later planned the site and the first production building. We also established the continuing mission and disposition of five existing sites.
  • At the overhaul base and cargo facilities of a major airline, we prepared a 10-year master plan, including rearrangements in five major buildings. The goal: conserve limited and valuable space at the world’s busiest airport.
  • The world leader in industrial trucks used layout by production process in four major buildings. We trained a team and helped it plan a multi-year conversion to focused factories and cells. We also helped with a new material handling system to link the focused factories.
  • A re-manufacturer of automotive parts was fully using more than 20 buildings in a large eastern city. Double-digit growth required more space. The choice: grow and centralize by saturating the largest existing site, or save millions by further decentralizing to a vacant facility 20 minutes away. We helped to decide and provided procedures for an annual planning process.
  • A fabricator of steel tanks had two plants 500 miles apart both serving the nation with its full product line. The questions: whether to focus sites on specific models, and how many of each to make at each site. We helped to establish site missions, allocate capacities and production, and identified the necessary changes to support each plant’s assignments.
  • A chemical company needed to boost output and cut costs at its flagship facility. Our facilities master plan identified improvements to plant layout, docks, material flow, and operating methods. We also calculated future expansion needs and advised on a neighboring property acquisition.
  • A sheet metal fabricator’s operations were split among 8 buildings on four sites. Material handling and supervision costs were excessive. We identified ways to more effectively house the business, vacating several buildings for resale or rental income. We also identified land purchases, sales, and easements to enhance the value of remaining properties.
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