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  • The largest truck plant in Mexico wanted to double its production with no disruption in output. We planned the carefully staged relocation and expansion of several buildings, roadways, wastewater treatment, and utilities.
  • A fabricator of large steel tanks was planning a major new site. We developed alternative layouts, flow patterns, and building configurations, and evaluated their impact on productivity.
  • A leading silkscreen printer asked us to plan a major new campus and lay out its largest ever production facility. We examined: a single large facility vs. separate focused factories; where to locate and how to orient a corporate office; and the merits of grid vs. contoured roadways.
  • A large producer of magnetic recording tape was running out of space on its large multi-building site. We reviewed expansion options and advised on the best use of remaining land.
  • The flagship plant of a chemical manufacturer needed more warehouse space for drums and returnable totes. We sized and planned a building expansion and additional docks.
  • The world’s leading manufacturer of industrial trucks needed a new service parts warehouse. We helped plan an award-winning high-bay facility in the center of their multi-building site.
  • A leading automobile company was constructing its first parts plant in China. We led a team of Chinese and American planners in evaluating alternative sites, master planning the selected site, and laying out the production and office buildings. This client has also retained us to help with new facilities in Thailand, India, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • A metal forging and stamping operation could not decide on the best height for a new building. We evaluated their operations and life cycle cost implications, and determined the ideal clear height.
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