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High Performance Supply Chains

  • Develop and communicate a clear vision and strategy
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities for the supply chain
  • Streamline and synchronize processes and operations
  • Assure a capable network of production and distribution facilities
  • Improve organizational capability, outsourcing and partnering
  • Integrate systems and processes to provide supply chain visibility
  • Improve performance in service, cost, productivity, quality, cycle time and safety
  • Consulting Services
  • Typical Projects 

Best Practice Business Processes

  • Improve response time on orders and shipments
  • Reduce lengthy or unacceptable cycle times
  • Eliminate excessive inventories
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Get more work done with the same or smaller headcount
  • Streamline and improve control of documents and drawings
  • Rethink logistics strategies, facility missions, and locations
  • Better manage parallel improvement programs
  • Consulting Services
  • Typical Projects

Organizations with Clear Roles, Flexible Structures and Skilled People

  • Improve organizational effectiveness
  • Provide unbiased advice in deciding what and who must change
  • Determine why, when, where, and how changes will occur
  • Define roles of organizations
  • Integrate organizational changes with other change initiatives
  • Assess skills and create plans for skill development
  • Improve communication during times of change
  • Consulting Services
  • Typical Projects

Information Systems to Integrate Processes and People

  • Upgrade, replace and integrate information systems:
    • CAD, PDM, EDMS, Workflow
    • ERP, MRP-II, MES, Data Collection, EDI
    • WMS, Bar Coding, Transportation Management
  • Assure fresh thinking and improved work methods when installing new computer systems
  • Quantify the payback potential of new technologies and applications
  • Select among commercial software products
  • Integrate various software, hardware, data and networks
  • Provide specifications and benchmarks to guide the purchase and development of computer systems
  • Consulting Services
  • Typical Projects

Facilities and Equipment to Support Processes, People and Systems

  • Convert to cellular and lean manufacturing
  • Rearrange for improved material flow
  • Rethink facility missions and locations
  • Consolidate or relocate operations, plants, distribution centers or offices
  • Expand facilities for growth or new products
  • Relieve time and schedule pressures on major projects
  • Clarify the timing of major investments in facilities and equipment
  • Establish best practices in facilities and operating methods
  • Consulting Services
  • Typical Projects

Performance Measures to Drive Results

  • Create balanced scorecards and management dashboards
  • Define and implement measures to indicate overall operational results
  • Define and implement process performance measures
  • Create performance baselines
  • Set up programs for measurement of on-going progress
  • Consulting Services
  • Typical Projects

For more about all of our services and experience, see our Consulting Services section. For specific examples where we have helped, see our Typical Projects.

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