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About High Performance Concepts, Inc.

High Performance Concepts, Inc. provides innovative industrial management consulting, education, and research to companies around the world. We specialize in supply chain improvement, including customer service, engineering, distribution, production, purchasing and inventory management. Our mission is to help our clients make lasting, breakthrough improvements in effectiveness and profit. Our methods and services enhance the performance of improvement leaders and teams. We help our clients plan and implement:

Our experienced associates, systematic methods, integrated services, and flexible ways of working make HPC a great choice. Our associates average more than 25 years of experience. Our systematic methods are internationally recognized and taught. We routinely link our services together to handle complex, multi-dimensional improvements. Our highly flexible working arrangements reflect our commitment to help our clients help themselves. Information on how our clients benefit and how we can help.

We speak at industry conferences in the US and abroad. Our associates have authored 15 books, with 20 foreign language editions, and have published over 100 papers. We provide educational seminars through leading professional societies and universities. Recent sponsors include the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Management Roundtable, the National University of Singapore, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Strategic Research Institute, the University of Kansas, and the University of Wisconsin.

HPC was founded in 1992. Our industrial engineering division, Richard Muther & Associates, began in 1956. Our main office is in Atlanta, Georgia.

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